It’s HOT, Bring on the FroYo!

Being a New Yorker transplanted from Arizona, I always assumed that New Yorkers just did not understand heat. I mean – 85 degrees, is comfortable  – 115 is HOT. However, unlike the great state of dry heat,  New Yorkers do not have central AC. Our landlords have yet to re-install our air conditioners (they take them out over the winter) and this leaves a very cranky Shosh – and very cranky Adam. But, it’s also a perfect excuse to eat Frozen Yogurt, and in the city there are tons of options. I’m looking forward to tomorrow being a FroYo day.


Welcome to Shosh And The City

My name is Shoshana, a.k.a. Shosh, and I live in New York City. After 18 years in Chandler, Arizona (a suburb of Phoenix) and college in Washington, D.C. I made my way to the city that never sleeps to follow my journalism dreams.

In  the beginning of my junior of college, 2005, I decided to change my life and joined Weight Watchers. I was 292.2 pounds – and yes, the .2 makes all the difference. Since then, I’ve lost 132 pounds, switched jobs, had pacemaker surgery at 25, and put a chunk of the weight back on. I’m determined to take it off again, for good  – and hopefully, share some helpful pointers (and funny stories) a long the way. Find out a bit more about me here.

Full disclosure: I’m not a dietician, but simply hope to share the concepts that have helped me with my health and fitness achievements (and struggles)