How to be a freelance writer….

Tonight I went to my first Fall semester class with Sue Shapiro. I love her classes. This is my second one with her, and I can’t wait to get started. I’m taking the class with my friend Layla (she blogs over at Glass of Rose – amazing food blog, check it out!) and I’m just so excited to get started. Sue does a really good job of teaching her students not just how to write, but how to pitch, and place pieces in NY publications. I won’t give away all her tips on her, but if you’re in NYC you should definitely take one of her classes or attend one of her panels.

Layla and me at my birthday party last year

The first assignment is write a humiliation piece – and last semester,  I wrote about having a pacemaker at 25 as part of this assignment. If you remember, the piece was published on


I’m still debating what to write about for this assignment, there are just so many humiliating things about me 😉 The hardest part about this assignment is writing something embarrassing that I wouldn’t be afraid to show everyone – But Sue does say you know you’ve found your voice when your family doesn’t like your piece!

Since I was out late, Adam made a lovely dinner of brown rice, and grilled shrimp. So easy, and so perfect for tonight!

If you were writing a humiliation essay, what you write about?




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