No Eat Out-tober

New month – new healthy living goals!

1. No cabs – I waste a ton of money taking $10 cab rides everywhere, and since I have two feet, and a metro card, this needs to stop.

2. No eating out  – We’ve been eating out SO much, that it doesn’t feel exciting any more. Adam and I are taking the month of October, and per the fiancé calling it “No Eat Out-tober”  – we’ll be cooking (or semi-homemade-esque) cooking everything! Hopefully, this will help keep my choices healthier as well. Keep an eye out for some more tasty recipes!

3. Be more active!  – I’m guilty of falling behind on my workouts. This past weekend I kicked it up a notch and started working out with one of my favorites (and the person who first kicked my butt in gear) Sean Wright. Gotta get my body back in peak condition!

4. Save more! Since we’re hosting (almost) our wedding by ourselves, we’ve been planning out how to reach our financial goals to plan our dream wedding. We’re making lots of little changes to keep our finances low

– Getting rid of cable. Writing/Reading will come first – and we’ll save some money along the way! No more couch potato Saturdays of NCIS marathons.

 – Spending date night in, and watching Harry Potter movies. Adam just started the series, so we’ve been watching the movies as he finishes the books. We just watched Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets this Weekend!

– See goal number two.

 Here’s to October! Bring on the fall!


3 thoughts on “No Eat Out-tober

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