Healthy Living Summit 2011!

Wow! I’m sorry this post is a little delayed – this week is a little nusto! I was incredibly nervous (anxious, scared, reverting back to junior high school insecurities, you get the picture) about going to the Healthy Living Summit (HLS) in Philadelphia this past weekend.  I did not know anyone else going, and felt a little out-of-place.  But, luckily as soon as I stepped into the ballroom at the Mariott in Downtown Philly, all (well, most of) my anxieties were pushed aside.  (Getting to the hotel was a whole different story. Never. Again. Taking. Amtrak. ARRRGG)

BTW, Who can't love a city with patriotic hotel room decorations!! We The People! 🙂











When I arrived at the hotel, I ran into another HLS newbie Sarah, from Serotonin for Breakfast, and surprise – she was also from NYC!  Check out her blog! As soon as we walked into the ballroom, we were swept up and offered a place to sit by Caitlin, from Healthy Tipping Point. I was blown away by how nice everyone was (is).

LOVE that swag!!










The swag bag was just amazing.  Thank you Healthy Living Summit!

The first session I chose was how to build a better Recipe, hosted by Stepfanie Romine. And I really did learn a lot. My grandma will tell you that I’d make a better mistress, than a wife due to my lack of cooking skills (I’ll show her!) so I paid as much attention as I could. Enough to put out my first attempt a newly crafted recipe. Check out how I made easy blueberry pie!

panel on how to handle negativity in the blogging world











I also attended sessions about how to handle negativity, how to monetize your blog, and how the numbers game can affect your blog. If you’re interested in what was covered in the actual seminars – Check out Julie’s blog at  She did a really good job of hammering out the specifics of the sessions.

I was completely impressed by Quaker and Dawn Jackson Blatner’s presentations on eating a Flexitarian Diet, and action mantras. I’m not a vegan, I’m not a vegetarian, and I do not have a raw diet, but I think eating more plant-based products is important (Check out my dinner from last night to prove it!) and Dawn’s book offers a good thought process to bringing more plant-based products into your diet.  It’s not anti-meat, but pro-vegetable.

On Sunday everyone gathered together to do a 5K run/walk.  It was definitely more of a walk for me, and we got to see a bit of Philly …


Rocky Steps (And Walk/Runners!)

Photo from Meghan!










I’m so glad I decided to head to HLS this year. It provided so much information, support, and ideas for my healthy living life – and this blog!  

Line for the train back to NYC - AMTRAK!!










The ride back was a bit of pain (amtrak!! see photo above, the line was insane), but I tried the  amazing Attune Mint Chocolate Bar that we were given the day before, and I’d saved just for this very purpose. This thing was fabulous. 90 calories!

The Amazing Train Snack!