A fair is a veritable SMORGASBURG orgasbord orgasbord ….

No Sleep Till Brooklyn!

Remember that song in Charlotte’s web where Templeton sings “A fair is a veritable smorgasbord  orgasbord orgasbord. After the crowds have ceased. Each night when the lights go …”? We’ll, that’s what I felt like singing on Saturday –   it wasn’t a fair, but an actual smorgasburg! Alicia, a friend from college, came to the city to visit and this event was on the top of her to-do. From May through September, the Brooklyn Flea Market has a food fair with vendors serving up not-so-typical fair finds. Do not come here if you want fried butter, krispy creme burgers, or anything on a stick…but do visit if you’d like gourmet ice cream sandwiches, tempeh, and lobster rolls. (also plan to visit if you desire amazing people watching) 

Check out the Smorgasburg tents at the Brooklyn Flea Market with NYC as a backdrop!

We got to the fair around 1pm – which was perfect. The little bit of reading I did prior to going suggested getting to the flea market grounds earlier for the best availability and shortest lines, but we did not have much trouble around peak lunch time. As a FYI, it’s about a 15 minute walk from the Bedford stop on the L train. We made a perfect (and accidental) stop at the CVS (about a block away) and purchased Pelagrino (99 cents per person – and in a plastic bottle) to take with us on our food excursion. The next time we go, we’ll purposely plan a stop at the CVS for cold drinks! I definitely recommend it, drinks are pricey at the market, and this lets you spend more on the tasy food.

The food is not cheap – but it’s good. We did not go to the flea market starving, but we were all definitely hungry enough to share a few goodies! My favorite was definitely the ice cream sandwich, which for six bucks, was a bit pricey.  The vanilla ice cream was situated between two oatmeal chocolate chip cookies with seal  salt, and stayed together with a swirl of chocolate ganache. It was perfect for a hot day – but definitely not part of the eating healthy plan. It’s important to have little treats – and this was indeed a big splurge!

The Perfect Snack on a Hot Day
We also sampled ice coffee from cold brew, gazpacho, frozen bananas, and tamles! Alicia brought home the coffee for her roommate. It comes in a glass jar that is stored in fridge,and just needs a splash of water, and ice to make it good to go. It does not even need sugar! I thought  it was a much better alternative to Starbuck’s Iced Via coffee.  

Hot tamale (not really, it was a sweet corn tamale!)


Adam: Please stop taking pictures Shosh: Just hold up the frozen banana

And the BEST part of the whole day? There’s an east river ferry that can take you from the Williamsburg food fest – back to Manhattan (There are two stops – one at 34th and 1st, and one downtown) for only four bucks! We were able to skip the hot subway ride and get a mini-cruise on one side of the island. Amazing (and I did not even get seasick – even more crucial!)

Alicia doesn't even look like she's outside NYC - She's on a cruise!


Windblown AdaShosh!