Whiskey Facts!

True fact: I hate whiskey.

True fact: I went to a whiskey tasting with my parents.

True fact: The best part was the mini-brownie!

Last night, I went to a whiskey tasting with my parents and some of their friends at Total Wine and More in Glibert, AZ. Unfortunately, I did not end up liking it any more than I did before, but I did learn a lot.

the types of whiskey we tried....

Did you know…

  1. Whiskey can be spelled Whisky or Whiskey – Americans added the “e”
  2. Bourbon has to be distilled in Kentucky
  3. You can pair scotch with strong meats (like salami)
  4. Whiskey originates from Ireland
  5. If you add a drop of water, whiskey it drastically changes the taste of the product
  6. You can purchase Whiskey “stones” – so you can ice the beverage, but not dilute it.
  7. Shoshana cannot handle the taste of Whiskey, Scotch or Bourbon

    two of eight samples


what to eat with whiskey, bourbon and scotch … or just eat 🙂