Alice’s Tea Cup + Fall Oatmeal Variations

With Yom Kippur, Friday – Saturday, there really is not that much food or fitness related talk. Rather, there was a more of a lack of food and fitness and despite the deficiency in the edible part of the weekend; it was great to spend time with my sister, my grandmother, and my aunt.  

However one meal did stand out.  Traditionally, Jews break their fast with a meal called a break fast, and eat (surprise!) breakfast foods. It’s much easier on the tummy to introduce low key breakfast foods than a greasy pizza or heavy steak. And we did just that. I can’t tell you how good a bagel, some cream cheese, and a glass of water tastes after not eating or drinking for 24 hours.  My aunt and grandmother prepared a beautiful break fast with bagels, cream cheese, smoked fishes, juice, cakes, cookies – wow SO good!


On Sunday we celebrated my good friend Reba’s birthday with brunch at one of my favorite breakfast hot spots in the city – Alice’s Tea Cup. Funnily enough, Reba and I became good friends working out together – friends that are active together, stay together.


I'm a little tea pot short ans stout ...


Alice’s is little girl (and big girl)’s dream. It’s decorated in pinks, purples and perfect for either a four year old’s tea party birthday or a 30 year old’s baby shower. The Alice in Wonderland theme is not overdone and I love the added fairy tale ambiance. They serve amazing scones, decadent desserts, and lovely tea sandwiches. And it wouldn’t be Alice’s if you didn’t try their tea, they have a tea menu that is the size of half a phone book.

 But, beware. It can be over a two hour wait on weekends. We waited two and a half hours on Sunday. Their rule for reservations are that you need a group of six, and everyone needs to order a $30 pre-fix menu – which we decided to veto and chose to wait instead of secure an advanced booking.

What I love about this place, is that you can easily make healthy tasty choices – or if you want to indulge, they have incredible options as well.

 I chose the oatmeal – which was a perfect fall treat. They make it very light and fluffy, but only use water and for a couple of extra bucks, you can add berries on top.

pretty, tasty AND healthy!


A friend tried the scones benedict, where you get to chose a savory scone to top with a poached egg and hollaindise sauce. The chicken and potato hash that is served on the side was a big hit at the table.


what a treat!

The biggest sellers at Alice’s are their scones, and the pumpkin scone is a perfect fall treat.


the perfect fall treat 🙂



Speaking of fall breakfast treats – Check out my article in Resident Magazine on tips for fun twists on Oatmeal from some of my favorite healthy living bloggers, Julie from PB Fingers, Kelly from Eat-Yourself-Skinny, Caitlin from Healthy Tipping Point, Katy Widrick from and Tina from Carrots N’ Cake.



Heat Advisory

It is hot! That is a understatment, it’s really, really, really hot. The weather app on my phone says it’s 109.  When I planned my vacation to my great home state of Arizona, I did not count on there being a heat advisory in September – but there is. Luckily, the state has a lot of other things going for it! I’m on strike with mother nature, an earthquake, a hurricane and a heat advisory in less than a week is a bit too much for this city girl!

Hello Phoenix! Skyline view from my airplane window


When I landed, the first thing my parents did was take me to an amazing Asian Buffet. I hate to admit it, but I’m a fan of a good (clean and fresh) Asian buffet. I know buffets have a very bad rap, and encourage unhealthy eating – and overeating, but as someone is constantly watching what I eat, I actually think there are some healthy ways to “pick” at these types of places.

Plate O' Veggies! (And a little Tofu!)

Here are some of my healthy Chinese Buffet Rules:

  1. Do not eat anything fried.
  2. Load up on Fresh Veggies – if there is a Mongolian Grill, go there first for a plate full of veggies – the sauces are usually water based, so they are not as toxic as the ones on the hot plates.
  3. Look for sushi – We only go to places with fresh Sushi options, so my “main” meal is a couple veggie rolls
  4. Get a bowl of soup – As long is it’s not cream based, soups are dense and fill you up, so you’re not as tempted to dig into the sesame chicken.

We went to Hong Kong Gourmet Buffet in the Phoenix area, and you can order sushi as part of the meal  – and they make it fresh for you. I loved it!

freshly made sushi for the table to share!



I then came home and slept off my early flight and the time difference (two hours in the winter I can do easy – three hours in the summer, not so easy – For those of you that do not know how crazy Arizona is – the state does not participate in day light savings time) in time to meet up with my friend Chris for a fun Mexican dinner. Chris and I studied journalism at the George Washington University and I don’t think I would have made it through some of those classes without him. Good friends are the best!

Eating out Mexican food is always a struggle for me – my tummy usually wants the most greasy nachos on the menu, but my head knows better. Fajitas are usually a good option because you can control the amount of cheese, sour cream, guac (you know the stuff that makes Mexican food so yummy!) and corn tortillas are lot fewer calories than flour.I chose the veggie fajitas. Chris and I went to Valle Luna which has a ton of healthy options (and my mom had a buy one get one free dinner coupon – score!) The sizzling plate of veggies, was paired with some rice, beans, guac on a corn tortilla for a tasty dinner. Growing up in Arizona, I’m definitely a Mexican food snob, and this meal was amazing!


Sizzling Veggies!Fajita Fix'ins!


It’s always so fun to come home and see people who I haven’t seen in a long time – Can’t wait to catch up more!