Easy Healthy Ideas for Cake Mix!

Earlier this week, I was left to fend for myself when Adam ventured off with friends to Jones’ Beach to see White Snake. While, I’m a huge Journey fan, I chose to take a pass on White Snake and bake …. a diet coke cake!

A friend of mine mentioned that you can add a can of diet coke to any cake mix, bake it as per the box directions and you get healthier version of an easy dessert. I didn’t believe and decided to try it out for myself. 

Mix it all together!

I really love yellow cake mix, but was concerned that adding a dark-colored soda to the mix, would make the color less than inviting. I decided on adding some ginger ale, a four-ounce container of  apple sauce from the Healthy Living Summit  and a sliced apple to the mix. It was delicious!

Literally this is too easy to type out the step by step instructions. I trust if you’re reading this blog, you can read the instructions on the box. If I can do it – you can do it, I promise!  Slice the apple in bite sized piece, mix in 8 ounces of the soda, and four ounces of the apple sauce and bake (follow instructions on the box)

Looks just like a "normal" yellow cake, pre-oven

While the cake was baking, I made a variation of my veggie pizza by using a sandwich thin, and mixing chopped spinach with garlic gold nuggets that I also got in my Healthy Living Summit Swag bag (my diet has been very HLS swag oriented this week). I will definitely be purchasing these nuggets – We love garlic,and while fresh is the best, they were so potent, that it felt like I was getting a real garlic flavor!

Spinach and Garlic Gold Pizza YUM!

The cake turned out great – I’m dreaming up my next diet soda adventure …maybe it will be a chocolate cake with a diet Dr. Pepper – Can’t wait!