“Surviving” Hurricane Irene

The big story of almost anyone on the East Coast this weekend, was Hurricane Irene.

Adam and I did what any normal people would do … Friday night we stocked up the house. And because it’s Manhattan,  we waited over an hour in line to pay for our water, cereal and peanut butter. It’s amazing what city dwellers consider hurricane essentials!

Supermarket Line - That woman's face cracks me up (sorry woman if you're reading))

I also went with my sister to capture our adorable grandmother and bring her into the city. She lives too close to a zone A for comfort, and we all wanted to make sure she was away from any flooding areas. She however, was a little feisty, saying she survived kristalnacht – she could survive a hurricane. It is hard to argue with that. I love that woman, but nonetheless she came into the city to party at my sisters.
Saturday morning before the storm, Adam and I waited again in an hour-long line. This time, for apocalypse bagels. Again, it’s amazing what New Yorkers consider essential, and bagels is definitely one of those things. Bagel Works typically has some sort of line, and has amazing bagels, but it’s never this long …


The rest of the day was spent held up waiting for the storm –  I got bored with the ABC Family and Criminal MInds (weird combination, I know) marathons … and so did the cats, but we created our own party

Is it over yet?What is that whirling noise?

Over Christmas, Adam bought a funnel cake kit for like two bucks at Bed Bath and Beyond. And we love it! (Seriously, though, you can make your own, with a funnel and a pan) It’s actually very yummy, and guests love it – an amazing party trick! Since they’re horrible for your waistline, we typically only make the delicious treats for very special occasions – we figured the NYC hurricane, was special enough.

Funnel Cake! Look at ALL that powdered sugar!

Today we woke up to …. nothing! Which is great, we totally survived the hurricane sans any damage. Our street did not have any downed trees, and was not flooded woo-hoo!
We were even able to venture out to one of our favorite Sushi places around lunch time. Fuji is good place for cheap sushi in Manhattan – and they were open, which makes them even better. Take that Hurricane Irene! We decided to avoid seafood based food, just in case it was left over from Friday.
What did you do while waiting for Irene?

Sweet Potato, Avocado, Rice, Soy Sauce, what could be better post - hurricane?