Autumn Leaves in August? Yes.

To finish out Alicia’s visit to the Big Apple. we visited the famous Iridium Music Club in midtown. She and Adam are both big Jazz fans, so we were looking for a place in the city to see live jazz… I have a little gripe with “jazz” and “comedy” clubs in the city
(and in general).  I hate paying a ticket fee and then being asked to buy two drinks, or spend a minimum at the bar. I’d rather pay more for the ticket!  What if I don’t want to drink or eat? Sheesh! Nonetheless, after doing a lot of research, there really is no way to see Jazz in the city without this caveat. The tickets were only $25 bucks, but they require you spend $15 bucks on food or drinks, which is not hard – drinks run between 12 and 15 bucks alone. The City can be done cheaply – but Jazz cannot be done cheaply!

The Iridium is a really unique place and is known as the home of Les Paul. He used to play there every Monday night for 12 years. They continue that tradition and have special guest guitar players every Monday night to honor them. (FYI – Tonight’s special guest is Steve Stevens from Billy Idol’s band – but with my lacking knowledge of music legends, I know him  from the E! show Married to Rock where he had a pink wedding to Josie Stevens, and is reason enough to go back!) Since I’m dating an amazing guitar play (no, I’m not biased at all) it was really special for us. 

Adam rocking out at Joe's Pub in NYC last year

We saw “David Garfield & Friends featuring Oz Noy, Buddy Williams & Stanley Banks” and they were a lot of fun! It definitely was not the type of Jazz that we were looking to see, as it was more of a fusion band with smooth jazz tendencies (I’m definitely not a music critic – to give you an idea, my idea of an amazing show is Bon Jovi with Kid Rock opening. I leave the real musical details to my partner in crime). The BEST part of the show, was by far Stanley Banks – The bass player. That guy can really move! He danced around the stage and gave a lot of energy to an otherwise low-key show. I wish I had taken a video of it because words cannot do his wonderful dance moves justice (In case you missed it, my favorite part was the dancing bass player, my music reviews are clearly very high brow)

The night ended on a request by Alicia for the band to play Autumn leaves, and they really sounded fabulous!

Ready to go home after a long night out!