PHX – LAX – LAX – LAX – Are we ever leaving LA?

Our flights were re-booked to take us through LAX. We tried everything to fix this, but there were no more direct flights going from PHX to JFK – We even tried reaching out on twitter, but everything was over booked. (Travel tip – when having airline issues, reach out over twitter – the airlines assist twitter handle was a HUGE help) When we landed at LAX, we booked it to our gate, but ended up being re-booked again on a flight leaving the next day at 4:30pm. The airline, was nice enough, and put us up for the night, but we decided to not waste the day, and had a mini-day in LA.

Good Morning LA!

We drove up the Pacific Coast Highway to Malibu Pier and walked in the sand, and put our feet in the water. It’s so pretty there!


We tried to get a cup of coffee, but everything was closed, so we headed across the street to the Malibu Inn. I assumed that this was a hotel – with a restaurant, but it’s actually just a restaurant .

doesn't this look like a cheap-o motel?

We walked in and saw that they were shooting some sort of commercial or tv show there, but ignored it and got a table. We were exhausted, wearing the same clothes as the day before (due to our checked luggage already being in New York), and just trying to kill some time so we tried to ignore them looking at us, but clearly our “celebrity” (or stinky day old clothes stench) brought them over and they asked us to be extras on the show Million Dollar Listing on Bravo. So, we said, why not? It’s not every day that you get stuck in LA, and get to be on a national show right? Welcome to Hollywood, indeed! (ps They promised us our scene would not end up being cut. Are we destined to be stars, I think so!)

stinky mc stink star power!

On our way back through the PCH, we grabbed a 20 minute lunch with my friend Michael.  We used to go to yearbook and newspaper camps together in high school, (yes we were those kids) and it was cool to get caught up!

Interesting. A pacemaker is an electronic device like headphones, that can always be used on a plane....

Over 24 hours later, we’re now safely back in NYC. Woohoo! Time to show off the bling and celebrate with our family and friends on this coast! J

Have you ever gotten stuck at an airport?