Saturday Night Done Right

Saturday night Alicia, Adam and I headed to the theatre district, which is not always my favorite. As most New Yorkers will tell you, the best place to be is away from Tourists (not that we do not love you tourists, please come visit, it’s just that sometimes it’s nicer to be in less crowded places!) and the theatre district, while rich with culture, is swarming with lots of people, especially on a Saturday night.

We really had no direction for dinner, and just wanted to try something fun. My mother has always wanted to try a restaurant ran by Lidia Bastianich from Lidia’s Italy on PBS, so her restaurant, Becco, located on restaurant Row is always on my list of places to experience. It was a huge surprise that it only had a 30 minute wait, and the menu pricing was comparable to the other less noteworthy restaurants – so we decided to give it a try it. (Mom, if you’re reading this, I promise I’ll bring you here next time you’re in town)

Becoo - Love the Duck!

Most of the establishments in this area of the city have a prefix menu or pre-theatre dinner option. They usually have an appetizer, entrée, and dessert for about $25-30 dollars. I do not usually go for these options, because then I feel obligated to eat all those things and I have a harder time special ordering items steamed or with sauce on the side (Read: I’m a difficult patron for wait staff) – However, Becco‘s special menu wow-ed me! For $23 bucks you get a choice of an Antipasto or a Caesar Salad and unlimited portions of three of their house pastas – check out their menu here. I decided to go for it – and ordered the “Sinfonia di Paste” aka, their prefix choice. Adam and I split the anti-pasto, which could have been dinner by itself. The grilled/seasoned veggies were great, and so were the cheeses. However, while I’m an adventurous eater – The thought of baby octopus really got to me, so I did not eat much of the seafood portion of this appetizer

Griled Veggies - Perfecto!


Peas and Ricotta with Honey!


Monk fish and Baby octopus

The pastas of the day were a penne a la vodka with shrimp, a pesto pasta, and a mushroom ravioli with truffles. They wait staff came through the restaurant with hot bowls of these pasta and passed out large servings to anyone that ordered this special menu. While the pastas are all unlimited, I have to admit, I definitely just tried the pesto and shrimp options because the mushroom ravioli was amazing. Living in the city, we get a very spoiled on the quality of Italian food we can eat out, order in or purchase (we even have a mini-Italy in midtown – Eataly) so I think it takes a lot for me to love a dish. And let me tell you, these pieces of stuffed pasta were fabulous!

Take a look at all that pasta! And they try to serve you seconds, and thirds and ... more, if you want them


Alicia's stuffed peppers

This is definitely a good place to go if you’re looking to gorge yourself – or just try a bunch of different things. Alicia ordered the stuffed peppers, and they were so large, that she was only able to finish half of it. What I enjoyed, was I was able to sample different dishes, and only eat bits and pieces of what I wanted. For NYC, Becco really provides a good meal, and is worth the price -Two thumbs up!