Vacation’s all I ever wanted, Vacation have to get away!

Wow! It feels like the summer has just flown by! I can’t believe it’ already August 12th! Since, we’re not really going on a long summer vacation, we decided to go a few different shorter, drivevable escapes.

While a lot of my family lives on the east coast, my parents live in Arizona, and every Summer my dad comes out to head out to his family’s home in the lakes region of New Hampshire. It’s gorgeous and a great way to get out of the city. The trip is a little longer than the Jersey Shore and the Hamptons, but the return on investment is huge. There’s nothing more gorgeous (or different than NYC) than Lake Winnepesuakee

Check out that Sunset!

This summer was no different, and Adam and I headed up North for a long weekend. We actually made it a little bit of a Romantic getaway, and instead of hanging out with the fam, we spent our time in an adorable cottage on Weirs Beach. It was just the right size (and amount) to provide a place to crash at the lake, but also feel like we’re on a mini-vacation. The lovely oweners of the Inn gave us lots of cupons to try out some of the local restuarants. We had Lobster on the beach during the Friday Night fireworks at Wiers Beach. I’ve never had lobster before (surprise, right!), and while the fireworks were amazing, I’m not so sure I’ll order the giant shellfish again…I’m a cheap date, I perfer shrimp!

Rockstar Lobster!!!

During the day we boated around with some friends. I do get a little nervous is REAL lake water (being from Arizona, the closest I’ve been to lake water is the city pool on the corner near my parents house) and this was no exception, but after a little prodding, I was swimming aorund like a true beach bum.

Ok, so not the boat we were on, but the mail boat! It delivers mail (duh!) to people (including my fam) living on the islands of the lake

The best part of going to New Hampshire (no joke) is visiting the Red Arrow Diner in Manchester. It is amazing!! Guy Fieri featured this little eatery on Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives and when we saw it, we decided we had to try it! While most of the little odds and ends (Adam’s LOVES their homemade twinkies and whoopie pies) are great, the best dish they serve is the chili. It’s a great mixture of sweet, spice and tang! Even on the hottest day in July both of us ordered our own dish – Shoshana does not share chili (just like Joey does not share food – Friends reference anyone??)


Going to the lake is by far my favorite family vacation destination – What’s yours?