My Story


I’m a budding media mogul with the soul of a stand up comedian. 


At the age of 21, I tipped the scales at 292.2lbs and decided to take back my life by joining Weight Watchers, and walking everywhere. 

..... Before .....

A year later, after losing 132 pounds, and graduating college, I got my big break when I moved to NYC to be Dave Price’s Assistant at CBS News’ The Early Show. Yes, I was the weatherman’s assistant, and through storm chasing developed a taste for breaking news and love of high pressure situations.

I currently manage medical education and magazine sales at WebMD fueling my desire to spread healthy eating and exercise to the masses.


I’ve recently had  a pacemaker implanted at the age of 25 after a decade of unexplained fainting.  It  gets crazy  reactions, especially at airport security screenings. While I’m not the only person under 65 with a pacemaker, it is rare, and to most TSA officers, I’m the only one they’ve ever seen. Out of the total pacemaker procedures every year, 2% of patients are under 22, 4% are 22-49, 10% are 50-65 and 84% are 65 and older. I can’t have an MRI, and a pacemaker is the only non-natural item that must be removed when a person is cremated. Since my procedure, I’ve put some weight back on, and through this blog, I’m determined to take it off – and hopefully, give some good pointers a long the way.

I’m a little different from the typical media dudette through my training at the UCB theatre in New York City. I’ve studied improv under SNL’s Bobby Moynihan, and NBC The Office’s Zach Woods as well as storytelling and solo work with Margot Leitman.

Performing with Poison Ivy Massacre in an improv scene in Long Island City

I currently live in New York City, in a shoebox apartment with my boyfriend and our two cats. Please feel free to contact me at shoshandthecity AT gmail.

Me and Adam on vacation in San Antonio


4 thoughts on “My Story

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  2. Best of luck in love, life, career! You know what they say, “Dying’s easy; comedy’s hard”. I applaud you taking the hard route.


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